Tony Blair will do “everything” he can to stop Brexit

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he “will do everything” he can to stop Brexit, and that he backs a second referendum. Speaking in an interview on stage at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, he said “I am 100% opposed to Brexit. “Up to the very end, I


ICO Acts To Stop Data Misuse In Elections, Says Global Approach Is Needed

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has accused players across the political campaigning ecosystem of having “a disturbing disregard” for people’s personal privacy, following an investigation. It comes as the organization today (6 November) published a report looking into the use of data analytics in political campaigns. The investigation looked


The good, the bad and the ugly sides of ICO

Judging ICOs based on the failed projects and without acknowledging their advantages creates a false image Initial coin offerings, or ICOs for short, are the latest craze in the cryptocurrency world. Despite being just a couple of years old, ICOs have managed to attract a lot of attention. It seems


ICO Tracker’s Data Inconclusive Regarding the Funds Raised in 2018

There is confusion on how much ICOs raised in 2018 as different trackers give different figures There is no standard method of disclosure among industry players Some digital tokens are issued through private sales and therefore not accounted for In 2016 ICO investments raised $95 million covering 43 projects while

Press Release

Walmart ICO Scam Pushes Press Release to Popular Crypto Media Outlets

In a systematic ICO scam attempt, individuals claiming to be Walmart press officials have contacted a number of media outlets, including CryptoSlate, announcing the sale of tokens for the retail giant’s supposed Ethereum-based payments network at WalmartLeaf.com. The dubious campaign comes on the heels of Walmart, the largest corporation in